Work With Me

Working With Me

So, you need to have some photos taken? If you are like most people, myself included, this doesn’t exactly sound exciting. Better than having to get a root canal, yes. But it might not be up there with taking your dream vacation. It’s ok, I get it.

I limit the number of shoots I take on each month because the process of working with me means I am going to take the time to get to know you. I want to know, what do we have in common? What are your likes and dislikes? Basically, I want to be your friend even before I ever take out my camera in front of you. We’ve already gotten the awkward phase out of the way so we can get straight to having fun!

Still need a glass of wine before? Fine by me! Are you a custom playlist kind of person? Let’s boogie! No matter what, I promise to make this as simple and fun as possible to give you images you can’t wait to see and will love for a long time.

The 6 Steps

This experience is meant to be fun. If we aren’t friends by the end of your shoot (preferably before because I am all about getting to know you) then I haven’t done my job.

Schedule a FREE consultation call to go over what you’re looking for and to see if we are a good fit.

This is where that friend piece starts to develop. Woo hoo!

Did we just become best friends? Or maybe you at least decided I am the photographer for you? AWESOME! I’ll send you a contract and invoice for your retainer electronically because faxing and snail mail just doesn’t make anyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Let’s get a plan! I am an organization lover so I always want to make sure I go into your shoot making sure I know exactly how to get you the photos you will love! Need help with what to wear, I can guide you in the right direction! Not sure what all you need; I have a tool for that! Need some recommendations for Hair and Makeup? I know people!
It’s the Big Day! We do the thing! Still nervous going into your shoot day? Have your favorite beverage or let me serenade you with bad jokes and we will ease into it! No matter what, be ready to laugh! You’re in good hands, promise.
You relax and let me take it from here! I’ll get to work transforming your images into their final product! This is one of my favorite parts, because I am weird like that.
You refresh your e-mail and the magic e-mail appears! Your photos are ready! Eeek! You’re able to view your photos online right away. Seriously, magic!