Get a Professional or Lifestyle Headshot with Belle Vie Photography

Branding and Lifestyle Headshots

From an early age we have all had those photos taken of us at school that show our face and a Tasmanian Devil or Lisa Frank t-shirt we thought was super cool. And those brand-new pink glasses you thought made you look cool. Just me? Anyways, those, my friend, are headshots! Although those will be used as an adult for joking purposes my goal is to showcase you as a professional and give you a photo people will not make fun of.

Whether you want a studio look that is standard and can be duplicated for several people, or you want to highlight you in your working environment, I can help give you a professional headshot worthy of LinkedIn praise and maybe one that your parents will replace your 2nd grade photo with. It’s at least worth a mention.

Portfolio & Packages

Individual Headshots

  • Pricing Starts at $250
  • Onsite Photography (Lifestyle / Professional or Both)
  • Online Gallery
  • 5 Downloadable Images

Team Headshots

  • Starting at $125 per person
  • $200 Travel / Set Up Fee
  • Onsite Photography (Lifestyle / Professional or Both)
  • Online Gallery
  • 3 Downloadable Images Per Person

Optional Add-ons

  • Professional Hair and Makeup – Professional Hair and Makeup – One time: $150.00
  • Location Rental – TBD – Studio or Onsite Rental. Cost is TBD.