About Amanda

Who I Am

I am a Wife and Dog Mom to four furry rescue babies, BeBe, Flipper, Molly and Waldo. I dropped out of Corporate America after having a side photography business since 2011 to work with unique and genuine people who fill me with joy and give my life meaning! Surrounded by amazing Entrepreneurs and In Love Couples gave me the fulfillment to walk away from a “safe” career and offer a photography experience that helps peoples true light shine through.

I am constantly itching to explore whether it is weekend trips to the Colorado mountains or jetting away to a new International destination to try all the food and see all the things. I enjoy having a nice glass of wine which luckily involves being in amazing company (even if it’s just the dogs and I). Eating tacos a least once a week is a standard in our house.

Meet Amanda Maughmer of Belle Vie Photography

Random Fun Facts

I'm a dog lover

I'm a dog lover

Favorite Food

Favorite Food:

Pizza and Tacos
Favorite Movie

Favorite Movie:

Pretty much anything with Will Ferrel in it
Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure:

Binge watching True Crime or Reality TV (especially the Bachelor as terrible as it is)
Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves:

Maps that don’t have every continent on them
I love to travel

I love to travel

Favorite Wine

Favorite Wine:

Bucket List Travel Destination

Bucket List Travel Destination:

Africa because it will be my last Continent to visit!
I love beer, wine and coffee

I love beer, wine and coffee

Favorite Trip Ever Taken

Favorite Trip Ever Taken:

I loved Iceland because it was where I got married. But going to Antarctica was an experience I never thought I could have so that was an amazing trip
Tacos and a margarita and “Bob”
Meet Justin Maughmer of Belle Vie Photography

Meet Justin

Justin Maughmer is the Chief Technology Officer, Second Shooter and the best Voice Activated Light Stand a girl could ask for. He is the backbone behind making sure I am always informed on all the latest Canon news and keeping files safe, maybe too safe. He loves playing video games, firefighting, cooking Mexican food and bringing me coffee in bed. That last one might be questionable.

We have been married since 2018 where we got married in Iceland. This fed our love for travel after meeting while working together for the United States Antarctic Program. He was the nerdy IT guy who played hero one day and the rest is history. We love traveling together and spent two months traveling to New Zealand and Antarctica in our first year of marriage! Our love for travel has kept us on our toes for where to go next! We enjoy having amazing glasses of wine and trying new craft brews no matter home or away. We’ve spent most of our relationship fixing up our house and making it perfect for our fur babies.

Speaking of fur babies, we have four rescue pups! You can guarantee that they will keep us company while working on anything business related. Whether it is cuddling next to us, making sure we take play breaks or trying to jump on the computer, they are never far away. BeBe, Waldo, Flipper and Molly complete not only our family, but our business!